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Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any of the other social platforms?

Do you understand the legal implications of a careless post that may offend someone? How much do you know about invasion of privacy on social media? Are your children on social media? Do they know what defamation is?

These days we all carry a miniature publishing company right in our pockets. Publishers understand the risks associated with defamation and invasion of privacy but most private individuals with mobile phones don’t, and that really can land them in very hot water.

SHA_Crime & Civil Liability_Fact SheetSocial Media posts are instant and so is the damage that can be caused by a careless post or tweet. By the time a post on a social media platform has been deleted or edited, screen-shots of the original material could have spread like wildfire throughout cyber-space. It might as well have been published in every newspaper across the globe. Reputational damage is inevitable and in many instances there will also be litigation from the person or persons that have been affected by the offending material.

Thats why insurance brokers should be talking to their clients about a Social Liability Insurance Policy.

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